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Kelton Los Angeles: Offering Market Research, Branding Strategy, Segmentation, Tracking, Consumer Experience Consulting and more.

Kelton Global is a Los Angeles market research firm specializing in quantitative and qualitative research, branding, communications, and design. As a top Los Angeles consumer research agency, we’re rooted in the belief that it takes a combination of insights and imagination to fundamentally transform brands. With a journalist’s eye for the human story, Kelton’s LA employees utilize the best consumer insights engine in the business to solve branding, marketing communications and innovation challenges for both local and international brands.

Kelton Los Angeles 12121 Bluff Creek Drive, Suite 150 Los Angeles CA 90094

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Our Office

Kelton’s Los Angeles office is our company headquarters. Located in Playa Vista at the center of “Silicon Beach,” an established tech hub filled with companies of the likes of Google and Facebook, our office is perfectly positioned as one of the top strategy consulting firms in Southern California. Our Los Angeles employees enjoy a collaborative and creative office environment that empowers them to do their best work. Just minutes away from the beach, our LA office is home to both native Californians and transplants attracted by the warm weather and relaxed atmosphere.

Kelton Los Angeles

Meet the Los Angeles Team

Our people are everything. Get to know the incredible data-heads, strategists, innovators, and storytellers that make Kelton's Los Angeles team great.


Adam Cunningham

Programming Manager, Los Angeles


Alison Servi

Partner, Strategy & Learning, Los Angeles


Amber Lopez

Senior Analyst, Qualitative Research, Los Angeles


Ardin Lo

Analyst, Qualitative Research, Los Angeles


Brenna Malta

Senior Analyst, Quantitative Research, Los Angeles


Brent Fosner

Video Producer, Los Angeles


Christian Tobler

Data Processor, Los Angeles


Dave Mason

Digital Research Operations Lead, Los Angeles


Emily Zellers

Manager, Quantitative Research, Los Angeles


Emma Erion-Brewer

Executive Assistant, Los Angeles


Erin Casement

Senior Director, Marketing, Los Angeles


Gareth Schweitzer

Founder and President, Los Angeles


Gina Om

Manager, Industrial Design, Los Angeles


Jaclyn Jakucki

Senior Vice President, Insights & Strategy, Los Angeles


Jaime McMahon

Director, Operations, Los Angeles


Jared Streeto

Associate Director, Quantitative Research, Los Angeles


Jessie Sims

Senior Director, Brand Development, Los Angeles


John Phillips

Senior Director, Design Research, Los Angeles


Kathleen Marker, Ph.D

Senior Director, Qualitative Research, Los Angeles


Keshia Peris

Director, Insights & Strategy, Los Angeles


Kimberlee Ales

Senior Analyst, Quantitative Research, Los Angeles


Margot Wilk

Associate Director, Qualitative Research, Los Angeles


Martin Eichholz, PhD

Chief Insights Officer, Los Angeles


Monica Orijel

Senior Associate, Finance & Accounting, Los Angeles


Nick McGuinness

Senior Analyst, Quantitative Research, Los Angeles


Nicole Brandell

Partner, Brand & Marketing Strategy, Los Angeles


Phoebe Zhu

Manager, Quantitative Research, Los Angeles


Sarah Fox

Vice President, Insights & Strategy, Los Angeles


Sarah Takagaki

Senior Analyst, Qualitative Research, Los Angeles


Susan Braun

Chief Operating and Talent Officer, Los Angeles


Tom Bernthal

Founder and CEO, Los Angeles


Vanessa Shelden

Manager, Client Development, Los Angeles

Our Clients Are Everything

“The customer journey completely rang true, and was absolutely validated by their feedback. Great work.”

Our Clients Are Everything

“I’ve worked in NYC, London, the West Coast, and Chicago on both the agency and client side… and I have to say that the folks at Kelton are among the most intelligent, kind people I’ve had the chance to work with.”

Our Clients Are Everything

“This is the best and most comprehensive piece of research ever done in this space.”