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Kelton New York City: Offering Market Research, Branding Strategy, Segmentation, Tracking, Consumer Experience Consulting and more.

Kelton Global is a New York City market research company specializing in quantitative and qualitative research, branding, communications, and design. As a top NYC consulting firm, we’re rooted in the belief that it takes a combination of insights and imagination to fundamentally transform brands. With a journalist’s eye for the human story, Kelton’s NYC employees utilize the best consumer insights engine in the business to solve branding, marketing communications and innovation challenges for both their local and international clients.

Kelton New York 38 West 21st Street, 2nd Floor New York NY 10010

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Our Office

Situated between Madison Square Park and Union Square Park, Kelton’s NYC office is in the heart of Manhattan. Our New York employees enjoy a quirky, collaborative, and creative environment, are frequent visitors of the nearby dog park, and share a love of New York bagels.

Kelton New York

Meet the New York Team

Our people are everything. Get to know the incredible data-heads, strategists, innovators, and storytellers that make Kelton's New York team great.


Alexa Decina

Director, Insights & Strategy, New York


Alexandra Price

Operations Manager, New York


Amy Rogoff Dunn

Partner, Insights & Strategy, New York


Cat Iribarne

Director, Quantitative Research, New York


Christy Schmidt

Manager, Quantitative Research, New York


Courtney Clark

Vice President, Insights & Strategy, New York


Danielle Sherman

Vice President, Communications & Media, New York


Emily Armando

Senior Analyst, Quantitative Research, New York


Emily Kress

Associate Director, Client Development, New York


Jane Bender

Director, Business Development, New York


Jay Becton

Director, Brand Strategy, New York


Jenna Levine

Associate Director, Experience Innovation & Design Research, New York


John Wise

Vice President, Cultural Insights & Brand Strategy, New York


Kaitlin McMenemon-Taraby

Vice President, Insights & Strategy, New York


Kiki McCaslin

Project Manager, Qualitative Research, New York


Lanna Lee Maheux-Quinn

Director, Data Processing, New York


Mary Wang-Boucher

Field Manager, New York


Sameera Polavarapu

Senior Analyst, Qualitative Research, New York


Stacey Lutz, PhD

Vice President, Qualitative Research, New York


Teiko Uyekawa

Associate Director, Cultural Insights, New York

Our Clients Are Everything

“This is the best and most comprehensive piece of research ever done in this space.”

Our Clients Are Everything

“I’ve worked in NYC, London, the West Coast, and Chicago on both the agency and client side… and I have to say that the folks at Kelton are among the most intelligent, kind people I’ve had the chance to work with.”

Our Clients Are Everything

“The customer journey completely rang true, and was absolutely validated by their feedback. Great work.”

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