Alex Rassouli
Who We Are

Alex Rassouli

Analyst, Quantitative Research, Los Angeles

As a Quantitative Research Analyst, Alex functions across the project lifecycle to uncover consumer sentiment and deliver actionable market insights. He enjoys analyzing consumer behavior to help provide our clients with the hard-to-pinpoint narratives that drive their growth.

Alex attended the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill where he was a Chancellor’s Carolina Scholar who studied Economics and completed the Philosophy, Politics and Economics joint program with Duke University. Through his undergraduate career, he held internships in a variety of industries including healthcare, entertainment, and advertising/tech. His appreciation for each sector propelled him into market research consulting so that he may better solve market intricacies for clients of all sizes.

Native to Los Angeles, Alex is happy to be back in the city and has picked up a few old habits since his return. As a former rower with the Marina Aquatic Center crew team, he has joined the Los Angeles Rowing Club and is excited to be in the marina again. A self-proclaimed e-scooter aficionado, Alex has brought his own e-scooter back from Chapel Hill and is delighted to be back in the company of so many scooterheads. He also looks forward to exploring more of the seemingly endless number of scenic trails that California has to offer.