Amanda Snyder

Vice President, Insights & Strategy

Amanda has had a lifelong interest in exploring what motivates the actions, attitudes and beliefs of people – giving equal interest to the mundane as to the extremes of human behavior. With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, her drive to understand what makes people tick has been always been at her core. As VP of Research & Strategy, Amanda works closely with client partners to uncover these motivations and turn insights into actions that have a meaningful impact on brands and business.

Pulling from a range of professional experience including academic research, product design and advertising, Amanda approaches business solutions from a variety of perspectives. Before joining Kelton, Amanda held the position of Associate Planning Director at RAPP Worldwide, serving as a strategic partner to clients across the health and wellness, consumer electronics/appliances, pharmaceutical, and financial services categories.

On weekends Amanda can either be found on wandering food adventures or running loops around Central Park. An avid runner and marathoner, she is always looking for a receptive audience to patiently discuss training tips!

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