Ardin Lo
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Ardin Lo

Analyst, Qualitative Research, Los Angeles

As a Qualitative Research Analyst, Ardin looks to use his experience to translate research findings into clear, tangible client solutions. Driven by his passion for understanding human behavior and unique background, Ardin approaches problems with a historical and technological focus.

Ardin graduated from UC Berkeley, majoring in history with a concentration in early American history culminating in his senior thesis that analyzed the plight of colonial re-enlistment during the American Revolution. Outside of school, he also explored the technology sector through marketing internships at Adobe and Palo Alto Networks while also working part-time at a local Berkeley pizza shop. He has also worked as a consultant at The Berkeley Group, an on-campus consulting club that works with Bay Area non-profits on a variety of business problems.

Ardin is a Bay Area native and looks to explore the City of Angels through an assortment of day trips and hikes. In his free time, Ardin likes to stay active by rock climbing at nearby gyms and playing the Harry Potter inspired sport of quidditch.

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