Brent Fosner
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Brent Fosner

Video Producer, Los Angeles

As Kelton’s in-house Video Producer, Brent works alongside research leads to interpret findings and create compelling, story-driven videos. Brent’s background as a director, cinematographer, and editor plays a major role in his ability to produce professional, docu-style content for any major client.

Brent began his career working for non-profits in Seattle, Washington, where he developed video content to raise funds for local organizations working in poverty alleviation, low-income housing, job placement, and national disaster relief. In 2011 Brent moved to Los Angeles, where his passion for humanitarian work led him to begin shooting documentaries and promotional material for organizations working in Africa, Northern India, Spain, Peru, and Mexico. Brent has directed content for MTV, and has worked as a camera operator for National Geographic, Discovery Channel and the ESPN 30 for 30 series.

Brent received a B.A. from Northwest University, with a double major in Theological Studies. He is an avid outdoorsman, and refers to the mountains as his “second home”. If you have any questions about cameras or camping gear, he’ll be more than happy to “nerd out” with you.

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