Elena Lyrintzis, Ph.D
Who We Are

Elena Lyrintzis, Ph.D

Associate Director, Insights & Strategy

As an Associate Director of Insights & Strategy, Elena combines her academic background of psychological theory with innovative research tools to develop actionable insights for clients in industries across financial services, CPG, technology, and entertainment.  

Elena is driven by the goal to understand why people make both rational and irrational decisions, and she has spent time in both marketing and public health roles answering this question. Prior to Kelton, she worked at C+R Research, a marketing research firm where she led initiatives to develop and implement innovative methodological tools. Before turning to the marketing world, she led mixed-method federal research projects that evaluated and recommended strategies for improving public health campaigns. Elena received her Master’s and Doctorate in Psychology from Claremont Graduate University, where she investigated the emotional and functional motivators for decision-making. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UC San Diego.

Outside of work, Elena enjoys designing interior spaces, and she has been known to move her furniture quarterly for a change of scenery. A LA native, she doesn’t miss a chance to be in the sun and does her best thinking on long drives.

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