Evan Landau

Senior Analyst, Qualitative Research

Evan has a keen interest in understanding what makes people tick, and how these insights can inform business practices across a variety of industries. As a Qualitative Senior Analyst at Kelton, he employs this lens to investigate client needs while incorporating a range of methodologies.

With a background in mobile advertising strategy, he has helped craft bespoke app marketing services and has organized several media industry events on emerging trends. Evan studied mechanical engineering and art at Dartmouth and received a B.A. in Product Design, an engineering curriculum focused on human-centered design thinking principles. He has always enjoyed design, and created his first (and only) mass-market product at the age of 11.

Aside from professional experience, Evan is a valuable resource if you want to know anything about cars, old movies, or architecture. Having spent much of his life in New York, Evan likes exploring the woodsier parts of the East Coast, but when home, he enjoys filling up sketchbooks with logos, inventions, and ideas for projects to build.

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