Luis Lizardo
Who We Are

Luis Lizardo

Associate Director, Quantitative Operations, New York

As an Associate Director of Quantitative Operations, Luis is leveraging over a decade of research and consulting experience to develop and refine the critical skills needed for the success of our team of analysts. He plays a key role in overseeing quality control for our quantitative operations processes as well as ensuring quality vendor relationships.

Luis’s love affair with different approaches to understand what drives decision making began during his college years at NYU where he majored in Latin American Studies and served as a research assistant for a research group at Columbia University school of social work. Since then he has held various roles in both academic (Columbia School of Social Work & School of Epidemiology) and corporate research ( C Space and Paco Underhill’s Envirosell) contexts, designing research approaches, managing research teams, as well as analyzing and delivering insights to state health agencies, and top CPG, Technology, TAB, Beauty, and Finance clients.

His passion extends well beyond the professional space. Luis loves most kinds of competitive games as he is fascinated by how others adjust their playing style according to their values, personalities, opponents and settings (among other variables). Monopoly, RPGS, connect four, bocce, basketball, handball, ping pong, he is always up for a friendly match!