Mary Wang-Boucher
Who We Are

Mary Wang-Boucher

Field Manager, New York

As a Field Manager at Kelton, Mary handles the logistics of making qualitative research happen. From background research and screener development to vendor management and troubleshooting, Mary handles all the ins-and-outs of a project from end-to-end.

Mary has over 12 years of market research experience in all aspects of the industry, working on the client side, facility side and at consultancies. She is experienced in managing a wide variety of methodologies, including ethnographies, intercepts, product tests, and everything in between, and particularly enjoys research in the entertainment and political categories. Her recent background also includes intensive survey design, fielding, and analysis in the health insurance industry, utilizing NPS, CSAT, and other methods to establish benchmarks and goals for long-term organizational planning. Mary holds a Bachelors degree in Political Science from UCLA and has a passion for political discourse.

When she is not obsessively checking email, Mary is growing edible things in her yard, chasing after her kids, and re-watching episodes of the Doctor Who reboot for the umpteenth time.

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