Tyler Benes
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Tyler Benes

Manager, Digital Analytics, Los Angeles

Tyler is a Manager on Kelton’s Digital Analytics team. He collects, distills and analyzes various forms of data to develop actionable insights and strategies for brands. Working with digital measurement tools, he tracks online trends and conversations. 

Tyler previously worked as a Marketing Strategist at Julia Haart, and as a Content Strategist and Social Marketing Manager at Havas Media. Tyler has also conducted social psychology research, in addition to his work in marketing. He has managed the Educational and Social Intervention Research Lab at Baruch College and conducted research on decision making in Columbia University’s Business School Behavioral Research Lab. Tyler received his Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Originally from Omaha, Tyler moved to Brooklyn 5 years ago. He loves hiking, camping, swimming, live music, fried chicken and people who like to dance. 

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