5 Trend Reports for Your 2017 Planning Arsenal
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5 Trend Reports for Your 2017 Planning Arsenal

January 5, 2017

Our January 2017 trends roundup features smart, surprising forecasts on where things are headed in the next year.

The new year has us looking forward to the endless possibilities that lay ahead– and taking stock of the potential roadblocks that could stand in the way of business growth. With a rapidly changing geopolitical climate and shifting global economy, it’s never been more important to keep tabs on evolving trends impacting consumers around the world.

Kelton’s Cultural Insights team is constantly scanning for anything that impacts consumer behavior across industries, and we pride ourselves on helping our clients better assess and activate on the ones that are relevant to their business.

We know that you are busy. Really busy. So we scoured the interwebs for you and compiled the most useful, off-the-grid trend articles and reports offering valuable provocation on where things are headed in 2017.

Read on for five valuable trend pieces to enjoy and share with your team:


The 2017 Ford Trend Report

It’d be easy to assume that Ford’s annual trend report is only relevant to those working in auto industry– but think again. Far from an industry specific publication, Ford’s report explores high level trends that apply across industries. You’ll find information on everything from consumer perceptions on sustainability to evolving views on time management in this meaty report, and Ford asks “what if” questions throughout that can serve as useful thought-starters for project teams.


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TrendWatching – 5 Consumer Trends for 2017

TrendWatching explores five new trends that are helping to shape the consumer experience of tomorrow. Their observations are relevant across industries, making this one a worthwhile read for almost any project team. Each of the examples that TrendWatching lists ladder up to a larger “mega-trend,” to help you look at everything in context.


virtual-reality-1898441_1280 (1)

Tech Republic – 9 IoT Global Trends for 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is nothing new, but most of us have only a vague understanding about how IoT will tangibly change the way we make and market products. That’s a problem– as it’s clear IoT is not just here to stay, but positioned to affect supply chains (and other business areas) on a massive scale.

TechRepublic interviewed more than 10 industry experts and captured their predictions on IoT trends in 2017. They cover topics that range from IoT’s impact on Augmented Reality and consumer products to how IoT will play a role in specific industries, like Healthcare. Reading this will not only give you a more comprehensive understanding of how IoT will affect your business area, it’ll also give you the opportunity to look really tech-savvy in meetings. Double-win.



Sprout Social – 2017 Social Media Trends

Social media trends impact virtually every industry. With rapidly evolving technology and new platforms popping up every 6 months (make up your damn mind already, Gen Z!), it’s easy to look up from your planning platform and find that you’ve fallen behind the social media learning curve. Sprout Social’s predictions for 2017 are worth paying attention to, as they’ll be commonplace before you know it.



McKinsey – China in 2017

As in preceding years, China remains a key focus for many global brands in 2017. Despite slowing population growth, China’s population still hovers at an astounding 1.3 Billion. But that’s not the only one reason why China remains so important to brands; with projections that disposable income among urban Chinese households will double by 2020, it’s no wonder that so many industry leaders have China is on the brain.

McKinsey’s latest trend predictions for China in 2017 outline how macroeconomic changes and demographic trends might impact consumer behavior both this year and in the years to come. A must-read if your business operates in China or plans to do so in the coming years.

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