Cultural Tensions & Emergent Opportunity Spaces for Your Brand
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Cultural Tensions & Emergent Opportunity Spaces for Your Brand

May 28, 2020

Key cultural tensions have the potential to create new opportunities for forward-thinking brands. Download our eBook to find out which frictions will point the way ahead, and how your brand can take action — in the COVID era and beyond.

The tug we feel as we’re pulled towards contradictory ideas and desires creates tension, but it also creates opportunity. The opportunity for newness — new experiences and new ways of thinking. At Kelton, we’re constantly scanning the culture at large for these broader tensions that open opportunity spaces for the brands we work with.

The tensions in our new eBook played out in myriad ways before the coronavirus pandemic, and we believe they’ll provide a powerful framework for navigating the complicated weeks and months to come. After all, even in times of change, the past is a powerful indicator for how we’ll continue to behave.

Download our eBook to learn:

  • Which cultural tensions have the power to drive innovation in your organization
  • How your brand can activate on emergent opportunity spaces
  • How Kelton uses to cultural tensions to supercharge impactful insights and strategy work

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