Design Research: Beyond Buzzwords
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Design Research: Beyond Buzzwords

January 26, 2017

Your ultimate guide to Design Research: What it is, how it works, and when to use it.

Design Research

  Consider this your ultimate guide to Design Research: What it is, how it works, and when to use it. We hope it opens the door to deeper insights, smarter solutions and greater creativity. There’s a lot of buzz around Design Research these days– but there’s also a lot of confusion. And no wonder. Many consultants have coopted the term “design research,” capitalizing on its current relevancy without delivering on the essential elements that define design thinking. The potential of true Design Research is so electrifying that we can’t bear to let it get lost in the noise. In our latest book, we’re breaking the discipline down and examining what it truly means to conduct Design Research. We’ll look at the specific definition of Design Research, address common points of confusion about the term, and explore how companies can incorporate Design Research into product design, UX design, Innovation projects, and many other tough challenges, ultimately getting to a better outcome that’s rooted in human-centered design. Download the book now to master the basics of how Design Research works, and learn about the different ways you can use it to infuse human-centered solutions into your next product or innovation project. You’ll learn:  

  1. What Design Research actually entails, and what makes it different from other research disciplines.
  2. The three main hallmarks of true Design Research.
  3. How companies can apply Design Research techniques to tackle brand challenges.
  4. Examples of real-world design challenges that Design Research has helped solve.
  5. The six distinct ways Design Research differs from other qualitative techniques.
  6. The five core steps of a typical Design Research project.
  7. Examples of the deliverables companies might expect to receive when they invest in Design Research.
  8. Quotes from the world’s foremost design thinkers.

Empathy is an important part of any consumer relationship, but design, in particular, demands it. Design Research enables brands to take empathetic understanding further. Trained Design Researchers reveal the contextual, subconscious motivators that influence consumers even when they can’t quite pinpoint or articulate them. Designing from this depth of understanding can be the difference between ‘good enough’ and ‘game changing.’ Learn More about DESIGN RESEARCH at Kelton Kelton’s Design Research Practice assists creative marketers, consumer insights teams, and product developers with brand building and strategic growth. Our tailored approach taps into often-unseen consumer needs and translates them into beautifully designed, actionable outputs.  

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