Global PR Survey Tips: Your Guide to Winning International Headlines
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Global PR Survey Tips: Your Guide to Winning International Headlines

October 22, 2018

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Global PR surveys are becoming increasingly popular as more and more companies seek to introduce their products and services in new markets around the world. While it’s a smart idea to invest in an omnibus survey for any PR campaign – domestic, international or otherwise – global PR surveys require an added level of expertise and nuance if they’re to successfully produce a compelling narrative that resonates from Bangkok to Adelaide.

From accounting for cultural differences in the phrasing of questions to understanding how to identify what storyline will prove interesting to consumers with vastly different lifestyles, motivations, and values, there’s a ton to consider. But done right, the investment pays off big time – a successfully executed global omnibus survey can act as the catalyst for a PR campaign that defines your brand on the international stage for years to come.

Kelton’s Communications team has worked for over 15 years to refine our approach to crafting headline-generating questions that deliver optimal results. After successfully partnering with brands and public relations agencies to create standout storylines over the course of thousands of well-crafted polls, we’ve identified a set of rules to live by to get the most out of your global survey investment.

Download “Get The Most From Your Next Global PR Survey” to discover:

  •   Tips for selecting PR campaign topics that will resonate with a global audience.
  •   How to design surveys for cultural nuance.
  •   Things to watch out for when selecting a survey company.
  •   How to get survey results that speak on a global and local level.
  •   Best practices for selecting which markets to field your study in, for maximum results.
  •   Case studies of other successful global PR campaigns.

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