Insights to Action: Transforming Bloomingdale’s retail experience
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Insights to Action: Transforming Bloomingdale’s retail experience

March 30, 2013

Ashton Bridges

Bloomingdale’s turned to Kelton for the most ambitious consumer segmentation they’ve ever done. Our initial insights armed the brand with an in-depth understanding of what motivates their key customer segments. With these insights in hand, Bloomingdale’s has since partnered with Kelton to develop a strategic blueprint to map how the retailer can best meet the needs of its shoppers and inspire them to further engage with their brand.

Last year, Bloomingdale’s turned to Kelton for one of the most ambitious consumer research projects they’ve ever done. With this research, we developed five strategic priorities for the company based on our segmentation architecture. Our long-term strategy implementation plan is already unfolding at Bloomindale’s locations throughout the country and on the retailer’s website.

Bloomingdale’s recently rolled out a Fashion Calendar and “What to Wear Where” initiative on its website to improve its fashion credibility. And just this month, Bloomingdale’s doubled the size of its Michigan Avenue Women’s Shoes department and added brands like Giuseppe Zanotti and Chloe to its product offering to media fanfare. For a more detailed look at our work with Bloomingdale’s, check out this case study.

Bloomingdale's Calendar

Ashton Bridges

Director, Client Development

As Director of Client Development, Ashton is a passionate brand advocate who serves as one of Kelton’s key client liaisons. She excels in crafting engagements that...

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