Jobs To Be Done: How to Meet Customer Needs & Fuel Innovation
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Jobs To Be Done: How to Meet Customer Needs & Fuel Innovation

March 27, 2019

"Jobs To Be Done" is a radical but simple new framework for thinking about your customers' needs and how to meet them. Download our new ebook to learn how to turn customer insights into innovation that gets your brand "hired" every time.

Jobs To Be Done: A Framework to Meet Customer Needs & Fuel Innovation

If you’ve done insights or innovation work, you know “Jobs To Be Done” (JTBD) is a framework for thinking about your customers’ needs and how to meet them. By examining what customers are actually trying to achieve, you can create better products, solutions and services that customers want to “hire” for the job at hand. It’s a smart way to uncover hidden business opportunities, align innovation to solve real customer challenges and foster growth within your organization.

Download our ebook to learn the key components of JTBD and when and how you can use this new approach to fuel your business strategy and drive brand innovation.

Inside you’ll discover:

  1. How to anchor your business strategy in a “Jobs To Be Done” framework
  2. How to determine if “Jobs To Be Done” is right for YOUR business challenge
  3. A jobs statement template to help make your customer insights actionable
  4. How to create and test new solutions that shape the future of the customer experience
  5. How to use “Jobs To Be Done” to power customer segmentation strategy
  6. A case study of using JTBD to differentiate product claims

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