Kelton Debuts on the GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Companies List
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Kelton Debuts on the GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Companies List

July 11, 2019

Kelton Global is thrilled to share our debut at #30 on the coveted GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Companies list. Kelton is among the top 3 newcomers, and we're proud our hard work and innovative approach to consumer-driven insights is making an impact.

Kelton Global Debuts on 2019 GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative List

Since Kelton was founded in 2003, we’ve enjoyed helping the world’s biggest brands raise awareness, increase market share, and figure out what comes next. We’re excited that our hard work has made an impact and are thrilled to make our debut this year at #30 on the prestigious GRIT Top 50!

GRIT Top 50 is a brand tracker that uses “innovation” as a key metric to recognize exceptionally innovative strategic partners. It helps key players in the analytics and insights ecosystem discern their position in the marketplace. In other words, while we’re busy helping other brands innovate, GRIT helps us measure our own brand perception.

How does GRIT work?

GreenBook offers market research directories and produces an annual industry trends report, which features the GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative Suppliers. For this coveted annual Top 50 list, GreenBook conducts an online survey and asks respondents to name up to five research companies they consider to be the most innovative in the industry. It then asks survey takers to narrow those choices to the ‘most innovative’ company.

Finally, respondents (who numbered 6,663 this year) were asked to explain their choices. For the 2019 survey, GRIT also asked respondents to segment companies into categories such as data and analytics provider, strategic consultancy, and technology provider. Questions are always asked verbatim and unaided.

How did Kelton rank?

We’re very proud that Kelton made its debut this year not only in the GRIT Top 50, but also ranked in the subcategories as well. LRW, our parent company, had a similarly great showing, voted the most innovative insights company in North America, and the fourth most innovative insights company in the world. Additionally, LRW came in at #1 in the Strategic Consultancy category and Kelton landed at an impressive #8.

What does GRIT mean for Kelton?

We’d never want to brag, of course, but our debut on the prestigious GRIT Top 50 is a testimony to our global team’s talent and focus on insights innovation. 

According to Tom Bernthal, Kelton Co-Founder and CEO, “We founded Kelton to be disruptive and change the impact of insights-driven consulting, and our clients have recognized it for years. It’s great to see another industry icon recognize us so prominently.”

Gareth Schweitzer, President and Co-Founder of Kelton, said: “We strive to continually expand our capabilities and this year, for example, we acquired Killer Visual Strategies, a top visual communications firm. Our GRIT rankings are testament to Kelton’s growth and success in consumer insights, brand strategy and innovation consulting.”


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