On-Demand Webinar: COVID-19 Consumer Pulse #2
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On-Demand Webinar: COVID-19 Consumer Pulse #2

April 20, 2020

Alison Servi Martin Eichholz, PhD

Check out our on-demand webinar for key results from the second wave of Kelton's COVID-19 tracking survey.

Kelton Global COVID-19 Consumer Pulse 2 Webinar

Our first COVID-19 webinar provided a foundational look at consumer sentiment and brand expectations, while the second wave allowed us to dive deep into how the numbers have evolved as the pandemic continues. In this on-demand webinar, Kelton’s Alison Servi (President) and Martin Eichholz, PhD (Chief Insights Officer) share:

  • Unique findings that stimulate thinking, connect dots, and raise new questions
  • A new way to put your brand’s performance and trajectory in context
  • Brand strategies to adapt in these changing times

Alison Servi


With a deep understanding of both organizational and marketing strategy, Alison connects the desire for actionable research insights with an understanding of what it takes from both a process and...

Martin Eichholz, PhD

Chief Insights Officer

As Chief Insights Officer, Martin is responsible for ensuring that Kelton, a Material Company, continues to be best-in-class...

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