On-Demand Webinar: COVID-19 Consumer Pulse Wave #5/6
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On-Demand Webinar: COVID-19 Consumer Pulse Wave #5/6

June 23, 2020

Martin Eichholz, PhD Amy Rogoff Dunn John Wise

Watch our on-demand webinar for key results from the latest wave of Kelton's COVID-19 tracking survey, with a focus on brand tonality in times of crisis and the new in-store shopping experience.

COVID 19 Consumer Pulse Waves 5 + 6_webinar recording_Kelton Global

In this on-demand webinar — featuring insights from the fifth and sixth waves of our COVID-19 tracking survey — Kelton’s Martin Eichholz, PhD (Chief Insights Officer), Amy Rogoff Dunn (Partner), and John Wise (VP, Cultural Insights) share:

  • Key insights into the multiple crises facing our nation. 
  • A review of which brand tonalities have worked in the past to guide effective responses today.
  • A deep dive into consumer experiences following the return of in-store shopping. 

Martin Eichholz, PhD

Chief Insights Officer

As Chief Insights Officer, Martin is responsible for ensuring that Kelton, a Material Company, continues to be best-in-class...

Amy Rogoff Dunn

Partner, Insights & Strategy

Amy is a passionate brand builder who searches for the connections between consumer insight, cultural foresight, and competitive landscape to find futureproof opportunities for brands and businesses....

John Wise

Vice President, Cultural Insights & Brand Strategy

John leads the Cultural Insights team at Kelton, a Material Company, bringing a fresh and exploratory dimension to any project he...

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