On-Demand Webinar: COVID-19 Consumer Pulse
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On-Demand Webinar: COVID-19 Consumer Pulse

March 31, 2020

Alison Servi Martin Eichholz, PhD

As brands face daily uncertainty as a result of the coronavirus, we're conducting ongoing consumer research to help bring clarity. Watch our on-demand webinar for key results from the first wave of Kelton's COVID-19 tracking survey.

Kelton Global's COVID-19 Consumer Pulse Webinar

The status quo changed overnight, impacting families, communities, and businesses throughout the country. With COVID-19 cases escalating in all 50 states and new “Shelter in Place” measures forcing more restrictions on Americans’ daily lives, brands across categories face major uncertainty.

To help bring clarity, we’re conducting ongoing research to provide real-time insights on trends in health and wellness, the economy, public life, brand needs, and more. In this on-demand webinar, Kelton’s Alison Servi (President) and Martin Eichholz, PhD (Chief Insights Officer) share:

  • Early results from Kelton’s first COVID-19 survey
  • How consumer behaviors and attitudes are changing as a result of coronavirus
  • Brand strategies to adapt in these changing times

Alison Servi


With a deep understanding of both organizational and marketing strategy, Alison connects the desire for actionable research insights with an understanding of what it takes from both a process and...

Martin Eichholz, PhD

Chief Insights Officer

As Chief Insights Officer, Martin is responsible for ensuring that Kelton, a Material Company, continues to be best-in-class...

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