Report: Kelton's COVID-19 Consumer Pulse #2
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Report: Kelton's COVID-19 Consumer Pulse #2

April 20, 2020

Download the results from Wave 2 of our COVID-19 tracking survey to better understand how consumer sentiments and expectations have evolved over the course of the pandemic — and how your brand should respond.

There’s an overwhelming amount of COVID-19 data out there. To help bring clarity, we’re conducting ongoing research in 2-week waves — asking consumers different questions, providing deeper analysis, and offering unique commentary on what we’re seeing.

Our first wave provided a foundational look at consumer sentiment and brand expectations, while the second wave allowed us to dive deeper into how the numbers evolved as the pandemic extended into its second month. It’s our hope that these continued insights will help guide your brand through the months ahead.

Download our report to learn:

  • Unique findings from Kelton’s second-wave COVID-19 survey — including what the “Transient Normal” is and why it’s so important for brands
  • Key insights into how consumer behaviors and attitudes have changed over the course of the pandemic
  • Data-backed tips and strategies to help your brand navigate the current moment and prepare for the rebound

Curious what your brand should be tracking now to prepare for a post COVID-19 world? Let’s chat.


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