Report: Kelton's COVID-19 Consumer Pulse #5/6
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Report: Kelton's COVID-19 Consumer Pulse #5/6

June 23, 2020

Download our new COVID-19 Consumer Pulse report for essential insights into the multiple crises our country faces, including strategies your brand can use to make a difference.

This report is the fifth in our COVID-19 Consumer Pulse series, based on the most recent waves of our ongoing tracking survey. The results from our first wave offered an early-outbreak foundation; our second wave tracked how key metrics continued to evolve during the “Transient Normal”; our third wave looked at Americans’ fears, hopes, and expectations as the country took its first steps toward reopening; and our fourth wave focused on brand implications for the “new normal.”

Download our latest report for:

  • The latest updates on sentiment metrics we’ve been tracking since mid-March.
  • Learnings around issues of racial equality and the Black Lives Matter Movement.
  • An assessment of the multiple crises our country faces.
  • A review of which brand tonalities have worked in the past to guide effective responses today.
  • A deep dive into the experience consumers are having as they return to in-store shopping.

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