Video: Why Gen Z Doesn't Need Your Brand
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Video: Why Gen Z Doesn't Need Your Brand

April 24, 2019

Brent Fosner

We recently conducted Gen Z ethnographies to better understand their thoughts on brands and marketing. Turns out they think most brands are getting it wrong. Check out our video below to hear why Gen Zers feel this way and tips to connect with them.

As part of our Adweek webinar, Gen Z Doesn’t Need Your Brand: 5 Steps To Win Them Over, we conducted ethnographies with Gen Zers to better understand:

  • How they see their generation and characteristics that define them
  • What they want, need, and look for in a brand
  • How they see brands fitting into their lives

Click below to hear what they had to say:

Brent Fosner

Video Producer

As Kelton’s in-house Video Producer, Brent works alongside research leads to interpret findings and create compelling, story-driven videos. Brent’s background as a director, cinematographer,...

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