Americans Reaching COVID-19 "Breaking Point" Are Turning to Self-Care, Not Rebellion
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Americans Reaching COVID-19 "Breaking Point" Are Turning to Self-Care, Not Rebellion

May 21, 2020

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LOS ANGELES, CAThe latest nationally representative survey from Kelton Global reveals that 78% of Americans will combat the negative effects of extended stay-at-home orders primarily by turning to one or more common self-care activities:

  • 49% say they’ll exercise from home more
  • 36% will prioritize their mental health
  • 34% will start a new hobby
  • 28% will reorganize their home

Meanwhile — and despite predictions of mounting civil unrest — only 8% say they intend to respond by protesting the orders.

“There is currently an overwhelmingly negative perception regarding the impact of stay-at-home orders,” said Dr. Martin Eichholz, Kelton Global’s Chief Insights Officer. “And while our data confirm that there are difficult issues such as struggles with mental health, they also show that it’s not all doom and gloom. In fact, tens of millions of Americans are finding new, satisfying hobbies or taking better care of their bodies and minds.”

Indeed, many are choosing a glass-half-full mindset, with 64% saying they’re enjoying the comforts of home as much as possible right now.

Kelton’s research also shows that the effects of stay-at-home orders vary by generation, with younger Americans the most likely to experience negative physical, mental, and emotional outcomes:

  • 27% of Gen Z reports experiencing drastically negative effects
  • 19% of Millennials
  • 19% of Gen X
  • 15% of Boomers
  • 10% of Seniors

57% of Gen Z is feeling anxious as a result of the coronavirus — an increase of nine percentage points from the consultancy’s previous survey wave, fielded April 17-19. In that same time period, coronavirus-related anxiety dropped for all other generations.

“While Gen Z is less afraid for their physical health, data related to their mental health is staggering,” said Kelton President Alison Servi. “Brands need to figure out how this paradox affects their ability to authentically engage with them.”

To download the full report, visit:

Kelton launched the first wave of its COVID-19 tracking survey in mid-March, as the outbreak began to escalate across the country.

For this fourth wave of the study, Kelton conducted a 20-minute online survey with 2,054 American adults (age 18+) currently aware of the coronavirus, from May 1-3.

As Americans’ lives continue to be transformed by COVID-19, Kelton will field new waves of its tracking survey to understand changing attitudes and behaviors and their implications for categories and brands.



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