Kelton's Martin Eichholz Published in Taylor & Francis Online
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Kelton's Martin Eichholz Published in Taylor & Francis Online

June 15, 2018

Source: Journalism Studies

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We’re proud to share Kelton’s Martin Eichholz, PhD, recently co-authored an article with Tim P. Vos and Tatsiana Karaliova, which was published in the Journal “Journalism Studies” by major academic publishing house, Taylor & Francis.

The article, Audiences and Journalistic Capital, uses data from surveys of US consumers as well as professional journalists to explore how perceptions of journalistic roles are evolving.  According to Martin, “the study sheds new light on how audiences see journalists fulfill different roles depending on news consumers’ age and main news source.”  In addition, “it’s fascinating to see that consumers are significantly more likely to challenge traditional notions and push for a more ‘active influencer’ role while journalists’ themselves tend to put more emphasis on the traditional ‘neutral observer’ aspects of their role.”


Journalists have found themselves in a complex relationship with audiences as they help gather and distribute news. Audiences represent a new type of entrant into the journalistic field, possibly bringing with them new forms of journalistic capital. This survey-based study sets out to explore how ordinary Americans assess traditional and emergent normative journalistic roles. The study also examines how citizens (N = 2058) and journalists (N = 414) compare in their assessment of this range of journalistic roles and finds that the two groups diverge significantly on assessments of most roles.

This work was supported by the Reynolds Journalism Institute.

*Tim P. Vos, Martin Eichholz & Tatsiana Karaliova (2018) Audiences and Journalistic Capital, Journalism Studies, DOI: 10.1080/1461670X.2018.1477551

To access the full article, CLICK HERE.

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