Best voice for a dog? Jimmy Fallon
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Best voice for a dog? Jimmy Fallon

May 13, 2013


If your dog had a voice, what would it sound like? Better yet, which celebrity would it sound like?

That’s the question posed by Kibbles ‘n Bits dog food company in a survey of 1,023 dog owners released this morning.

The findings include:

• More than one-third (35%) of those with female dogs think their canine would most sound like Whoopi Goldberg. She beat out Joan Rivers and Barbara Walters. And more than one quarter (26%) of those with male pups think their dogs would sound like Morgan Freeman. He beat out other possible survey choices of NBC News’ Brian Williams, NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, Modern Family‘s Ed O’Neill and New York Yankee Mariano Rivera.

• More than one-third (34%) think Jimmy Fallon would make a better voice for a dog than Jimmy Kimmel, Hoda Kotb, Fran Drescher or Richard Simmons. (Kimmel came in second.)

• Almost a quarter (24%) of dog owners think that if they sounded like Regis Philbin, their dogs would get most excited for mealtime. Regis beat out Ryan Seacrest, Sofia Vergara, Mario Lopez, Jane Lynch and Michael Strahan.


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