Health Benefits Of Vacation: 5 Reasons To Go Away This Summer
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Health Benefits Of Vacation: 5 Reasons To Go Away This Summer

June 5, 2013


Americans are increasingly forgoing their vacation time, fearful of not seeming dedicated to their jobs. But if you’re a parent, taking a vacation with your kids can create much-needed quality time as a family.

According to the Disney Time Survey, a blind study conducted by Kelton, quality family time not only increases while on vacation but parents and children say they are more likely to learn something new about one another during this time, as opposed to when at home.

Here’s what results revealed: 97 percent of parents felt their kids got to know new things about them while on a family trip, and quality time spent with kids, as reported by parents, boosted to 82 percent.

And vacationing together as a family made family members more inclined to be more excited (77 percent), relaxed (75 percent), silly (68 percent), calm (54 percent) and even more affectionate (54 percent).

“We know vacations are important, but to have parents validate how important vacation time is to their families was insightful,” said Leslie Ferraro, executive vice president of global marketing for Disney Parks. “As we’ve learned from families who participated in the survey, those moments of quality family time can feel fleeting in our everyday home lives.”


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