In the Spotlight: Sephora’s “Racial Bias in Retail Study”
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In the Spotlight: Sephora’s “Racial Bias in Retail Study”

April 7, 2021

We’re proud to have partnered with Sephora to help create and launch its pioneering “Racial Bias in Retail Study,” an essential action plan that will empower brands across categories to begin the journey of designing more equitable experiences for both US retail shoppers and employees. As the study garners widespread attention in the press and from other brands, we’re confident its findings will create a meaningful impact on the future of the retail industry and in shopper’s lives. 

Here are a few major media outlets the study has been featured on:  

Sephora’s plan to combat racial bias: Fewer security guards, more Black-owned brands and new protocols (The Washington Post)

Sephora’s Racial Bias Report Shows Just How Traumatic Shopping Can Be for People of Color (Allure)

Sephora Has a Plan to Tackle Racial Bias in Retail (The Cut)

How Sephora is tackling racial bias in retail (Fortune)

Sephora Takes Steps To Stop Racism In Retail (Forbes)

How Sephora plans to eliminate racial bias in its stores (AdAge)

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