IT Needs to be More Efficient
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IT Needs to be More Efficient

December 3, 2014

Source: Channel Partners

Efficiency is a top concern for IT professionals from 10 countries who participated in a new survey conducted by Kelton.

The results of the survey, released by TeamQuest, suggest that service optimization and data-center performance are critically important to solving a range of IT issues, including capacity management for big data, cloud outages and workplace productivity. On average, IT managers deal with eight unexpected challenges per week, each requiring seven staff members to resolve. The most common IT issues are network slowdown and poor performing applications. Ninety-five percent of the roughly 400 IT managers surveyed said the success of their data centers relies on both proper performance analytics and IT optimization, with close to half reporting their data centers are “extremely reliant” on these.

A whopping 93 percent said that proper IT optimization and performance analysis would improve efficiency. Three-quarters think their organizations’ overall IT risk would decrease with these in place. Nearly three in four IT managers who use IT optimization and/or proper performance analysis report that improved IT efficiency has benefited their company. Reduced outages (62 percent), better productivity (61 percent) and fewer resources spent on unexpected issues (53 percent) were among the advantages cited.

“IT professionals around the globe seem to agree that their data centers are more reliant on IT optimization tools, proper capacity planning and the ability to use analytics. Not only are they proving to have a significant impact throughout the enterprise, delivering on everything from preventing cloud outages to improving overall business productivity, but they are also allowing IT the time they need to focus on improvements rather than incidents, ” said Per Bauer, TeamQuest’s director of global services.

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