Kelton Global Announces Two Partner Promotions for 2017
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Kelton Global Announces Two Partner Promotions for 2017

February 7, 2017

LOS ANGELES CA, February 07, 2016 – Kelton Global is pleased to announce the promotions of Alison Servi and Amy Snow to Partner. Both Amy and Alison will continue in their roles as senior strategic consultants, leading teams on a broad range of projects for clients such as Target, Nike, Gap, Uber, Google, and many others.

Alison Servi began her career with Kelton as an analyst. Recognizing her raw talent and leadership potential, Kelton exposed Alison to complex projects early in her tenure. Alison grew professionally alongside Kelton and is now a sought after consultant for the company’s biggest clients, while also serving as a mentor to younger staff members.

A leader in both qualitative research and marketing strategy with over 20 years in the industry, Amy Snow joined Kelton approximately two years ago as a Vice President. In that short amount of time, Amy has quickly become integral to key client accounts while actively contributing to larger organizational goals.

Kelton Co-Founder and President, Gareth Schweitzer, said, “Alison is the consummate colleague, mentor, and leader: empathetic, distinctly un-territorial, and entrepreneurial.

Amy is an incredibly skilled communicator, strategic thinker, and experienced observer. Both women have mastered a wide range of subject matter, take time to grow newer analysts, and are trusted by clients across industries. We are proud to call them Partners.”

Co-Founder and CEO, Tom Bernthal, added, “We empower our staff with the space, resources, and trust needed to organize teams and build capabilities in a way that makes sense for who they are and how they like to work. Then, we give them interesting projects and get out of their way. It’s why many talented creative thinkers decide to stay and grow at Kelton, and likewise why established, seasoned strategists like Amy choose to join our team.”


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