Kelton's Amy Rogoff Dunn Featured in Luxury Daily & American Marketer
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Kelton's Amy Rogoff Dunn Featured in Luxury Daily & American Marketer

July 20, 2020

Amy Rogoff Dunn, Partner, Insights & Strategy

A new op-ed from Kelton’s Amy Rogoff Dunn was recently featured in Luxury Daily and its sister publication, American Marketer. The piece pulls from Kelton’s most recent COVID-19 Consumer Pulse study about consumer anxieties around in-store shopping — and makes some important points about what this means for the luxury sector.

Check out an excerpt below:

“By design, luxury retailers have always had lower foot traffic than other stores.

“So while grocery stores and big box retailers are painting arrows on the floor and hiring security guards to control crowds in cramped aisles, luxury brands have more space to work with, and more freedom to rearrange inventory and change protocols.

“The traditional luxury shopping experience can adapt well to social distancing.

“Luxury retailers have mastered tactics such as appointment shopping and doorbells that naturally limit the number of shoppers in store at a time and can keep people feeling safe and distanced.

“It is also not unusual for luxury consumers to work with personal shoppers who either set aside items you may want or ship them directly to your home.

“Luxury brands should remind their customers of these benefits and communicate changes they are making to ensure everyone’s safety.”

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