Kelton's Amy Rogoff Dunn Quoted in the LA Times
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Kelton's Amy Rogoff Dunn Quoted in the LA Times

December 12, 2020

Kelton’s Amy Rogoff Dunn was recently quoted in a piece for the LA Times’ lifestyle section: “Crocs, the kicks you love to hate, are 2020’s cool shoe. Blame Bad Bunny and Bieber.” Focused on Crocs’ seemingly unlikely rise as a fashion symbol during the COVID-19 pandemic, the article touches on changes trends in the fashion industry. Check out an excerpt below:

“I think Crocs is actually in a pretty unique position for an influencer- and collaboration-heavy brand,” said Amy Rogoff Dunn, a partner at the consulting agency Kelton. “While other brands develop these partnerships to create aspiration, Crocs seems to have developed them to grant permission — permission for people to go ahead and wear the shoe they want. They’re not saying, ‘Wear these shoes, and you’ll be like Bad Bunny,’ and instead [are] saying, ‘If you were worried about wearing these shoes, don’t worry because Bad Bunny wears them.’”

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