Kelton's Amy Rogoff Dunn Quoted on Brand Safety in ANA Magazine
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Kelton's Amy Rogoff Dunn Quoted on Brand Safety in ANA Magazine

August 28, 2020

Kelton’s Amy Rogoff Dunn was recently quoted in a piece for ANA Magazine, “A New Concern Among Consumers: Brand Safety.” Centered on brand safety amid the pandemic, the piece dives into the opportunities marketers have to reassure and engage consumers. Check out an excerpt below:

Short-Term Reaction or Fundamental Shift?

A major question remains whether this pandemic-influenced expansion of the meaning of brand safety is temporary or something more permanent.

Amy Rogoff Dunn, partner, insights and strategy, at the consumer insights and strategy firm Kelton, says transparency around the safety and sustainability of supply chains was already gaining momentum among CPG companies before the pandemic.

“It’s a shift that has been accelerated by the pandemic,” Rogoff Dunn says. “Until COVID, offering transparency was seen as somewhat differentiating — think about how KIND bar transformed its category with literally transparent packaging. The watch-out that I’d urge CPG companies to consider is that, as we see demand for transparency grow in certain CPG categories in the face of the pandemic, providing it is likely to become table stakes rather than a differentiating feature.”

That means brands need to do their homework about what their customers expect, in terms of transparency and safety, in the future. But that’s only part of the equation.

“Go out and understand what your consumers demand in regard to transparency and deliver on that,” Rogoff Dunn says. “But continue to build and focus on what makes your brand unique or you’ll be left in a sea of sameness a year from now.”

For CPG brands, in particular, differentiation may necessitate a new form of certification that communicates how seriously a company takes product safety. “It means that a stamp of approval or similar packaged-based tactics might not suffice,” Rogoff Dunn says. “Something akin to a third-party monitoring system might be useful.”

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