LaPlaca Cohen: Culture Track 2017 (National Online Research Study)
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LaPlaca Cohen: Culture Track 2017 (National Online Research Study)

November 10, 2017

Source: ArtNet News

Culture Research Study for Culture Track 2017

We partnered with LaPlaca Cohen to conduct Culture Track 2017, diving deeply into how culture was evolving. In the latest rendition of Culture Track, LaPlaca found that the notion of traditional culture is extinct, with culture being defined in new ways from the ground up, fostering empathy, expanding the perspectives of participants and building community. What’s more, the study found that audiences are cultural omnivores, having varied cultural needs and desires at different times.

LaPlaca Cohen is a strategy, design and marketing firm that works closely with a wide range of cultural organizations. For the past 16 years, LaPlaca Cohen has been conducting Culture Track, a national online research study that takes a deep-dive into the changing behaviors, motivators and barriers of cultural audiences for traditional cultural activities. However, for their 2017 study, LaPlaca wished to craft a new study that allowed for tracking of core metrics, but also explored the future of culture and reached a more diverse sample.

Click below for recent press on The Culture Track study:

Is the Museum of Ice Cream the Future of Culture? If Museums Aren’t Careful, It Might Be, Says a New Study

Check out the complete Culture Track study and the changing behaviors of cultural audiences here:

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