New (Motorcycle) Math: Women Conquering the Road on Two Wheels in Record Numbers
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New (Motorcycle) Math: Women Conquering the Road on Two Wheels in Record Numbers

May 14, 2014


MILWAUKEE, May 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — With riding season finally in full swing, motorists and motorcyclists alike might be surprised at who’s behind the handlebars. Roughly 12 percent of the country’s motorcycle owners now are women – an increase of about 30 percent over the last decade, according to the latest estimate from the Motorcycle Industry Council[1].

Harley-Davidson, the top-selling motorcycle brand among women in the U.S.[2], sold more new on-road motorcycles to women in the U.S. than all other brands combined in 2013[3], perhaps because more women are realizing the benefits of riding can extend to their daily lives, off the road.

According to a study conducted by Kelton and commissioned by Harley-Davidson, women riders are more than twice as likely to always feel happy (37 percent of riders vs. 16 percent of non-riders) and more than a third (34 percent) reported that they felt less stressed after starting to ride. Further, nearly four times as many always feel sexy (27 percent of riders vs. 7 percent of non-riders), and nearly twice as many always feel confident (35 percent of riders vs. 18 percent of non-riders).

“Thousands of women have found that riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is a powerful way to tap into their strength, independence and confidence and take it to a whole new level,” said Claudia Garber, Director of Market Outreach for Harley-Davidson. “Research shows the positive impact riding has on women, so we invite all those who dream of the open road to get started on the journey.”

More Ways Life is Better on Two Wheels
According to the Harley-Davidson Women Riders Survey, the benefits of riding continue:

  • In work: More riders than non-riders (40% vs. 18%) feel extremely satisfied with their careers.
  • In the mirror: More than twice as many riders as non-riders (32% vs. 15%) agree that they feel beautiful daily.
  • In relationships: Women who ride are more content with communication with their significant other (60 percent of riders vs. 38 percent of non-riders) and physical intimacy (51 percent of riders vs. 35 percent of non-riders).
  • In spirit: More riders than non-riders (75% vs. 64%) usually feel content instead of worried, and almost a quarter (23%) of riders report that they rarely or never feel anxious.

How to Get Started on the Road To Happiness
Since the company’s earliest days, Harley-Davidson has inspired thousands of women to explore the road not (yet) taken, embracing the confidence and strength they find through riding. There is no better time than May, Women Riders Month, to turn inspiration to realization, and Harley-Davidson offers some great ways for women to get started.

  • For those ready to roll: The all-new Harley-Davidson™ Riding Academy is the only national rider training program hosted by Harley-Davidson® dealerships. Students will learn to ride on the new Harley-Davidson Street™ 500 motorcycle, which boasts confidence-inspiring handling and agility that makes it the ideal vehicle for learning to ride.
  • For those seeking inspiration: Garage Party™ events are designed with women in mind and offer a fun, no-pressure introduction for non-riders who have little or no prior knowledge of motorcycles. Attendees will learn the basics, including motorcycle controls, bike fitment and what gear and apparel they need to get started and feel comfortable and confident on two wheels. Participating dealers also offer the JUMPSTART™ demo, a stationary test ride experience where women can swing a leg over a real Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, start its engine and learn how to shift through the gears. No riding experience necessary.
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