Smelly fliers, inattentive parents are biggest plane etiquette violators
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Smelly fliers, inattentive parents are biggest plane etiquette violators

December 16, 2014

Source: LA Times

If you don’t bother to bathe before heading to the airport, you kick the back of the airline seat in front of you or you let your kids run wild in the cabin, you may be the most hated passenger on your flight.

Such behaviors were among the most annoying violations of airline etiquette cited in two separate studies released last week.

The second annual Airplane Etiquette Study, based on a survey of 1,000 Americans by the travel website Expedia, named “rear seat kickers” as the most annoying etiquette violator, followed by “inattentive parents” and “aromatic passengers.”

The Travel Pet Peeves Survey of 1,041 American adults by Honeywell Aerospace listed the “smelly traveler” as the most offensive passenger.

The survey also found that 37% of those who were questioned said they believe children should be placed in a designated section of the plane on flights longer than two hours.

Female travelers were more likely than men (40% versus 31%) to support segregating children on planes.

And if there is a crying baby on board, 45% of those surveyed said all passengers should get free earplugs.

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