Social Networking While Eating on the Rise
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Social Networking While Eating on the Rise

April 12, 2013


Americans are snapping photos or sharing on social networks while eating, with the most popular networks for this being Facebook (51%), Twitter (21%), Instagram (17%), Pinterest (13%) and Foursquare (9%). A Kelton survey of over 1,000 U.S. adults serves up a smorgasbord of morsels about American’s eating habits. For instance, 82% of Americans are personally preparing meals at home at least half of the time, if not always. Findings about at-home cooks:

  • 83% are likely to get frustrated when cooking; most name cleanup (58%) and time (51%) as their biggest frustrations
  • 39% of respondents say they most dread making meals at home on Monday and another 39% feel the same way about Friday
Kelton surveyed 1,071 U.S. adults, on behalf of Kraft Foods. The survey results were presumably not weighted. Kraft Foods declined to provide Researchscape with details about how this survey was conducted.
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