The pet peeves of frustrated flyers
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The pet peeves of frustrated flyers

December 12, 2014

Source: Travel Weekly Asia

Taking to the skies during the holiday season is stressful enough without some of the annoyances identified by a Honeywell Aerospace study.

What about the slow walker ahead of you whose heavy bags hit you in the face? Or the seat recliner who scrunches your knees?

The Honeywell study shows 53% of Americans who have experienced air travel frustrations have done something to combat them.

“Flyers are often resilient and can put up with inconveniences, but there are some things we just won’t tolerate,” said Bill Kircos, vice president, Communications, Honeywell Aerospace.

“As to what makes holiday travellers feel better and keeps everyone more sane while taking to the skies, it comes down to keeping the flights on time, comfortable and running smoothly,” Kircos said.

“Honeywell’s survey shows that all of us as passengers, and the commercial aviation industry in general, should focus more on keeping people informed, safe and entertained on their flights.”

Here are some pet peeves of passengers:

Check-in hassles – Nearly three in ten would most want to avoid “the arguer” while dealing with the challenging baggage and security check lines, while others are aggravated by “the line-cutter” (17%) or “the disorganised traveller” (15%).

Plug your nose – The passenger Americans most want to avoid inflight is “the smelly traveller” (41%).

Babies on board – Forty-five percent think all passengers should receive free earplugs in the case of a screaming baby.

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