This Summer, Confidence is Key, Along With a Set of Pretty Pearly Whites!
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This Summer, Confidence is Key, Along With a Set of Pretty Pearly Whites!

June 11, 2015

Source: Fashion Times

So just what are other women prioritizing on the beauty front this summer? Turns out confidence is key, along with having a set of pretty pearly whites! Check out the stats on what women want their summer 2015 to be filled with this sunny season.

A recent survey conducted by Kelton and commissioned by the makers of Invisalign found that for women, looking and feeling confident goes beyond just wanting to improve their bodies. Among other findings, the survey revealed that there are other major beauty must-haves for women.

– Summer is the most important season to feel confident, according to 62% of women ages 18-54. Nothing beats the heat!

– Fall isn’t as prized as summer. Only 8% of women rather this time of year. For women, feeling confident in winter and spring nearly tie at 17% and 18%, respectively.

– 96% of women would like to improve at least one feature of their appearance this summer. About 25% want to improve their body. Vegan cleanse anyone?

– The remainder of women surveyed want to improve their skin (26%), prioritize hair (23%) and want to better their smile (21%).

– Women overall say that the feature of someone’s appearance which most impacts a first impression is: 34% teeth, 22% body, 19% eyes, 17% hair, and 8% skin.

– When it comes to year-round confidence, women say having a glowing smile outshines all other wants for appearance.

– Nearly one in five women (18%) say the most important feature for looking their best at all times is their teeth (versus skin coming in at 13%, eyes 8%).

– 84% of women with straight teeth say they feel confident most of the time, versus 63% of women with crooked teeth.

– 27% of women believe straightening their teeth could accomplish shedding at least five years off of their appearance.

– Nearly 90 million women (75%) admit their teeth are not all straight.

Agree with the stats? What are your summer 2015 beauty goals?

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