Vicarious Trick-Or-Treaters
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Vicarious Trick-Or-Treaters

October 28, 2014

Source: MediaPost

Just For Fun (But Don’t Point Fingers)…

A recent survey by RetailMeNot, found that 72% of parents admitted to taking a piece of their child’s Halloween candy, and 35% of those parents say their kids don’t know they do this!

Parents don’t want just any candy, says the report:

  • 41% of parents intentionally take their kids to wealthier areas to trick-or-treat
  • 48% of younger parents (18-34 year-olds) admitted to doing this

And, costumes aren’t just for kids either!

  • 54% of parents will dress in costume when taking kids trick-or-treating
  • 23% of parents will even try to impress other parents with their costumes

75% of Americans plan to spend money on Halloween this year, and on average, they will spend $83 on the holiday in total.

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