When Work Stops Being Fun, 89% See Hope In A Lateral Move
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When Work Stops Being Fun, 89% See Hope In A Lateral Move

March 24, 2016

Source: Forbes

Management experts these days are writing a lot about a profound change in career strategies. Climbing the corporate ladder is losing its appeal and effectiveness, they say. Piecing together an eclectic portfolio of different work experiences is becoming more attractive — and more productive. Even lateral moves can put fun back in the job, a new survey suggests.

The study was conducted by Kelton Global, a research firm, which surveyed 2,000 adults and 546 human-relations managers. The findings were released by Cornerstone OnDemand, of Santa Monica, Calif., which makes training and talent-management software.

Among the survey’s findings: 89% of employees would consider a lateral move within their company, even if it didn’t involve a markedly better title or a raise in pay. The reason? When asked to cite one or more reasons for making such a switch, 57% of respondents cited hopes of greater personal satisfaction. Some 41% said they wanted to try a completely different career path, and 40% said they wanted a new professional challenge.

The itch to try something new was strongest among relatively young workers, with 94% of millennials saying the right lateral move might intrigue them. But even older workers are tempted, as shown by interest from 81% of baby boomers.

Full details of the survey are at this link.

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