Project Deliverables

  • Brand Strategy Direction
  • Brand Identity & Design
  • Brand Voice & Messaging
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Digital Experience & Web Design

Zenni Optical brand strategy

The Challenge: Brand repositioning to re-invent the industry

Zenni Optical set their sights on disrupting the eyewear industry’s old model of high priced opticians and retailers. They turned to Salt for a far-sighted look at their proposition and comprehensive brand strategy to help their direct-to-consumer brand evolve as a category disruptor. With a crowd of imitators ramping up, it was the ideal time to reframe, evolve and strengthen position in the eyewear category.

The Solution: Brand Strategy Consulting & Creative Campaigns

In order to gain market share and increase margins in a growing market, we knew Zenni Optical needed to refine, differentiate and focus on a price driven strategy. This dictated the move from a functional economic pitch to a more emotional connection with their audience. We took a 360-degree view of the Zenni brand, and were able to unify all the touch points into one cohesive story. A company built on a price tag now has a compelling brand story that celebrates individual style and creative expression.

Here’s how we got there.

Consumer Insights

We started with foundational customer and brand insights, using segmentation and qualitative research-based personas to drive a unique and compelling brand positioning.

For Zenni, a lower price point created a fundamentally new way to think about eyewear. When people can afford multiple pairs of glasses, suddenly, self-expression becomes a powerful and inviting story.

Zenni Ad Campaign

Brand Positioning and Strategy

By elevating individuality and style, we transformed a lower price tag into an empowering message of self-expression. We were able to bring this new strategy to life with a new brand statement: Eyewhere For Every You.

Zenni Optical Brand Messaging

Creative Expression

The foundational customer insights helped Salt develop a logo as a starting point for the identity and visual language design. The design of the Zenni wordmark and logo reflected this switch to a richer brand experience. The look is fashion-driven and reinforces a strong sense of quality and craft – an important asset for eyewear at such a surprisingly low price. All elements of the system – from textural patterns and color palettes to typography and photography – help express the new positioning of personal style.

While the visual language brought a new level of style and design sense, it’s important to note Zenni is a populist brand. In spirit and mission — it’s Target, not Lord & Taylor. Salt developed a verbal brand identity and voice that was more lighthearted, inclusive and invitational. The Zenni message encouraged people to re-imagine eyewear from a fresh point of view. Out with expensive and elitist, in with affordable, engaging and fun.

Zenni mobile brand strategy

The entire brand came to life on the Zenni e-commerce website. Salt explored all ideas for how people would browse, try on frames virtually, fill their shopping carts and make personal profiles. Buying prescription glasses online is a new idea, so we created a learning center to kickstart their education. Ultimately, all UX and UI work centered on building a stronger relationship with new customers and long-time fans.

Zenni Optical website design
Zenni mobile campaign design

We also examined how we could rev up the retail experience. We helped develop a year round program of collections, sub-brands and seasonal promotion ideas that would keep the Zenni story fresh and relevant. An extensive set of seasonal color palettes brought a distinctive and energetic look to each month of the calendar.

Today, Zenni is THE dominant online Rx eyewear leader in the category. After working with Salt, they reaped rewards like:

– Double digit YOY increase in sales
– Increase in average order value
– Increase in average # of units per customer

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