Project Deliverables

  • Video
  • Content for Interactive Microsite
  • Postcast Script Development
  • Newsworthy Analysis
  • Internal Presentation

Internal and External Corporate Communications Market Research for BlackRock

The Challenge: Position BlackRock as a global thought leader in financial wellbeing.

BlackRock is the world’s largest asset management company, but they operate differently from their competitors by taking action to improve the wellbeing of their employees, their investors, and society at large. BlackRock wanted to reinforce a message around wellbeing with a global study that would help them better understand what financial wellbeing means for people all over the world, fueling action both internally and externally.

Case Study: Global communications strategy for BlackRock
Number of countries involved in our study. We conducted 120 qualitative conversations and fielded a 13-country quantitative survey that elicited 27,000 responses.
GLobal Communications Strategy research for BlackRock

To help BlackRock fully leverage their investment, we designed our global study to produce thought-provoking talking points while accommodating for cultural nuance across the diverse international markets we spoke with and surveyed.

The Solution: Global communication research to fuel an internal presentation, and a custom suite of deliverables to position BlackRock as a global thought leader.

Because activation is key to the success of any internal or external communications initiative, we worked closely with BlackRock to develop assets that would help them emphasize the key message behind their findings and build their credibility as a leader in financial wellbeing.

Our deliverables included a global report, which was used to create an interactive microsite, an engaging internal presentation with a video featuring consumer voices, and other tools and data to illustrate varying perceptions of what financial wellbeing means for people across cultures.

BlackRock continues to enjoy media coverage from prominent news outlets as a result of the project. Check out their recent features here.

BlackRock Investor Pulse 2019 Media Coverage

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