Methodologies Used

Project Deliverables

Final Storytelling Report
Audio and Visual outputs

The Challenge

Bloomberg recently partnered with the New America Foundation to establish Shift: The Commission on Work, Workers, and Technology. The Commission engaged in a yearlong study concerning the future of work in the U.S., which culminated in a future-focused report featuring commentary from American workers with different backgrounds. The results of the Shift Commission’s landmark study exposed the rapidly evolving employment landscape in the US, but they needed an up-close, personal look at American workers themselves in order for their findings to really resonate with readers.

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The Solution

We set out across America to capture the voices of the people whose livelihoods were most at risk from automation and outsourcing. The hopes, fears, and experiences we uncovered were woven throughout the initiative’s PR campaign, which included Bloomberg articles, speaker panels, and a podcast series that featured our emotionally-driven conversations with truck drivers and unpaid caregivers.

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