Project Deliverables

• Strategy-informed digital initiatives
• Alignment on digital, marketing, operations, venue design, and CX

Digital UX and CX Strategy for Topgolf

The Challenge: Define a Digital UX and Holistic CX Strategy

Topgolf needed to better understand their customer base — specifically, the “playmaker journey.” Hoping to learn more about what role that digital and in-person channels should play in shaping digital product strategy, online content, and venue design, the team came to Kelton for some help.

The Solution: A Multi-Pronged Quantitative/Qualitative Approach

We began by using online smart communities to begin understanding the barriers and loyalty-drivers of Topgolf playmakers; we also conducted 45-minute usability tests to learn how the Topgolf website functions in the discovery and research phases of the customer journey. From there, we led in-person exploration sessions with Topgolf guests to dive deep into the journey phases that occur in-venue. We also conducted UX tests with the Topgolf app to comprehend its value proposition and usability. At this point, we held a strategic pause workshop with key stakeholders in order to build our journey map and ideate opportunities to transform the “playmaker journey” through venues, website, and app. And throughout the entire process, we relied on quantitative sizing to validate our strategic recommendations.

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