Project Deliverables

  • Brand Book
  • Creative Brief
  • Brand Truth Framework

The Challenge

It’s no secret that IMAX delivers a blockbuster moviegoing experience, but even the biggest industry innovators have to work to stay top of mind in today’s Netflix and chill culture. By creating a new brand framework, we helped IMAX stand out against a growing list of entertainment choices.

To help IMAX better understand the values, needs, and behaviors of their sensory-seeking audience, we conducted qualitative interviews with theatergoers and analyzed cultural trends to see where the future of cinema is headed. We used the findings from this research as the basis for a new brand framework for IMAX, and created an Oscar-worthy* brand guide and creative brief to get all IMAX employees and agency partners on the same page. (*Oscar nom pending, but we remain hopeful.)

The Solution

Reinforced by a new brand identity and up-to-date technologies, IMAX went on to sign a first-ever virtual reality content deal with Warner Bros. and built 166 new theatres last year, ensuring its relevance for a modern audience.

Sample pages from IMAX’s brand book. Proprietary client information has been removed.

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