Methodologies Used

Project Deliverables

  • Newsworthy Analysis

The Challenge

Praytell was crafting an international campaign for MAC AIDS Fund’s groundbreaking documentary, “It’s Not Over,” which tells the story of three Millennials living with HIV/AIDS. They turned to Kelton’s Communications team to help generate buzz for the documentary and further MAC AIDS Fund’s mission of raise awareness about the disease.

We surveyed teens in both US and UK markets, including Ireland.

To highlight the importance of the film, we designed a custom online survey for teens in the US and UK to find out about their level of education on HIV/AIDS. Our PR survey experts designed questions to be non-judgmental and easy to understand, to get teens comfortable with talking honestly about such a highly sensitive topic.

The Solution

Armed with study results that made for attention-grabbing headlines, Praytell’s campaign for MAC AIDS Fund was a huge success. “It’s Not Over” was featured across an array of global outlets, including USA Today, BBC, Huffington Post UK, Teen Vogue and Seventeen.

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