Methodologies Used

Project Deliverables

  • Newsworthy Analysis
  • Custom Infographics

The Challenge

Microsoft had created a new line of hardware - specifically an ergonomic mouse and keyboard - designed to help the many employees who experience regular physical discomfort at their desks worldwide. Before moving forward with their global product launch, they worked with Kelton to craft a newsworthy narrative that would highlight the importance of their new designs.

To highlight the truly global problem of chronic pain from tech hardware, we crafted and launched custom online surveys in 10 international markets. Along the way, we identified the most common pain points workers everywhere experience and how that discomfort relates to their current keyboard and mouse setup.

Microsoft market research case study

We designed our global analysis to uncover significant differences between key markets, to add layers to the narrative and generate new angles for country-specific media outreach.

The Solution

To bring Microsoft’s findings to life, Kelton’s design team created custom infographics for each market we surveyed. Microsoft’s study was featured in top-tier consumer and trade outlets, including TIME, PC Magazine, VentureBeat, and USA Today.

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