The Customer Experience Challenge

We’ve worked with Pfizer on a range of projects across its many brands, helping them to better understand the unique needs and priorities of patients and physicians. Recently, we helped revitalize one of their vitamin brands, Centrum, with product innovation ideas that would appeal to a new generation of consumers and stand out in a crowded market.

The Solution

Kelton brought the lab right to consumers, allowing them to imagine the ideal products to meet their needs. Our product co-creation included concepts, ingredients, product forms, and customer benefits, enabling our team to capture the resonant ideas and the unmet needs they serve. Armed with these insights, we developed distinct innovation platforms to inspire future-focused product development and fuel long-term growth for Centrum.

From helping to articulate the patient journey, to developing and testing messaging, to designing packaging that better meets patient needs, we continue to help Pfizer across keep those that they help at the forefront of the decision-making process across their portfolio of brands.

Up Next

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